Peerspace x Rising Tide Society Floral Workshop

Photos by: Comeplum

Peerspace x Rising Tide Society Floral Workshop 


Be Innovative   

I had the privilege to be the instructor for a Floral Workshop at Rising Tide Society x Peerspace work retreat. I listed 3 tips for creating unique floral centerpieces, without blowing the bank.

Tip 1: Seasonal Fruits and Veggies

You shop the farmer’s market for your dinner, why not your centerpiece?

Bring the season to your table by adding produce to your floral arrangement. Mix oranges, add that bountiful look. Spicy pepper and artichokes bring unexpected textures. 

Insight: Select smaller produce on the stem to visually connect with other florals.


Tip 2: Unexpected "Vases"

Anything that holds some water is a ‘Vase”! Take a risk, and be innovative. Soup tureens are great for low arrangements. Little wine cups or shot glasses make a cute baby arrangements. Trust me; everyone loves tiny little things.

Insight: Goodwill and estate sales are a great place to stock up on random containers.



Tip 3: Mixing High and Low

Limited resources + Budget = Creativity  

Creativity is worth more than expensive store-brought flowers. Use grasses, fruits, and leaves, things you can buy cheaply, to build the body of your arrangement. Then add in a few expensive flowers for a refined detail.

Insight: You can find beautiful leaves and grasses on the highway or on the street.